Tool to gather SGI configurations and output to screen or a set file. Requires SGI IRIX 6.4 - 6.5.X


A application to gather SGI configurations and output to screen or a set file. Has many features such as option capability for specific output, password protection, log to set file with 12 levels, inode output, checksums and more! Can use the information gathered to help you rebuild machines quicker or to find and fix problems by comparing output files. To install: use inst-packaged installer. Program will require super-user access. Hostid(s) will be required on purchase of single user increment(s).


  • Applications are binary executables for faster response and security.
  • Gathers: general, disk, network, installed applications, sendmail, root user, and web information.
  • Generates inode information for all outputted files.
  • Generates 2 checksum methods on all outputted files. They are: sum and sum -r
  • Has log to file capability with 12 levels of saves.
  • Has option capability for specific file output.
  • Includes a command line application (getconfigs).
  • Includes a menu based command line application (getconfigs_m).
  • Includes a menu based command line application for enabling, changing, or removing password protection. (getconfigs_gp).
  • Inst-packaged, meaning easy to install and uninstall using Software Manager.

General Info

getconfigs -g

  • all disk vh partitions
  • fstabs
  • hinv
  • host id
  • machine serial number
  • mounted drives
  • number of runnable processes
  • sysid
  • system disk vh partition
  • system mounts

Installed Apps

getconfigs -a

  • amass install log
  • amass version
  • datamgr install log
  • datamgr version
  • legato networker license
  • legato networker settings
  • legato networker version
  • mysql my.cnf
  • mysql version
  • openssl openssl.cnf
  • openssl version
  • samba nfs exports
  • samba samba.conf
  • samba status
  • samba version
  • setiathome state.sah
  • setiathome user_info.sah
  • setiathome version
  • xinet fullpress license
  • xinet fullpress published vols
  • xinet fullpress version
  • xinet k-ashare license
  • xinet k-ashare version

Network Info

getconfigs -n

  • gateway
  • host.conf
  • hosts
  • hosts.allow
  • hosts.deny
  • hosts.equiv
  • ifconfig-1.options
  • inetd.conf
  • ipaliases.options
  • ip in prom
  • network interface speeds
  • network.local (only for 6.4)
  • nsswitch.conf
  • portmap.options
  • resolv.conf
  • S99route (only for 6.4)
  • static-route.options

Other Info

getconfigs -o

  • chkconfig
  • cron.allow
  • cron.deny
  • cshrc
  • gettydefs
  • group
  • inittab
  • ioperms
  • login
  • nvram
  • passwd
  • syslog.conf
  • systune settings
  • ttytype

Root User Info

getconfigs -r

  • .cshrc
  • .forward
  • .login
  • .profile
  • .rhosts
  • .sgisession
  • .signature
  • crontabs

Sendmail Info

getconfigs -s

  • configurations
  • (only for 6.4)
  • service.conf

Web Info

getconfigs -w

  • air web srv configs
  • sgi apache httpd.conf
  • sgi apache version
  • sgi free apache httpd.conf
  • sgi free apache version

All Info

getconfigs -all (to screen)

getconfigs -allf (to set file)



Set file = hostname.configs

Set dir = /var/adm/zgetconf


getconfigs -h is help


  • The kernel will be modified during installation. Only one modification is made: the _SC_ARG_MAX variable is changed from default 20480 to 32000. It is a dynamic change and doesn't require any reboot and shouldn't harm machine so please don't be alarmed. Upon uninstallation this setting will be reset to default.
  • Always use Software Manager to uninstall this product to ensure proper removal.
  • Although these programs do require superuser access, I made password protection ability to provide a bit more security for instances where a machine might be in an open environment and a superuser might forget to logout.