OutguessWrapper 2.8

Universal Binary (Runs natively on PowerPC or x86 Intel-based Mac computers running OS X 10.4.11 - macOS 10.14.X)


Fully wrapped with support for all OutGuess options/switches!
OutguessWrapper acts as a GUI interface to the command-line program called OutGuess. OutGuess is a steganographic tool that allows the insertion of hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources. OutGuess uses both a stream cipher and a pseudo-random number generator both based on a RC4 Stream Cipher.

Storing hidden messages in images is very powerful. An example: Suppose you’re a photographer, you could embed a message in all your copyrighted images and if an issue arises where you found some images elsewhere you could prove they were yours because you would be the only one that knew they were stegonographically protected and could prove it by being able to retrieve the messages inside. You could even use this in conjunction with watermarking.

OutguessWrapper supports the following OutGuess options

OutguessWrapper supports 4 paths to OutGuess