STEM 2.2

Supports Mac OS X 10.4.11*, 10.5.X*, 10.6.X, 10.7.X, 10.8.X


STEM (Stealth Tracking Evidence Mechanism) is a theft recovery application for your Mac and when needed will stealthily gather and email helpful tracking information in repeated intervals. STEM also has advanced phased tactics which result in the Mac being made inoperable and handy remote URL abilities.


  • Very light weight and hardly uses any system resources.
  • Demo mode provides full functionality up to 3 customizable intervals if Mac isn’t where it should be.
  • Works indefinitely when purchased unlike subscription based programs.
  • You have full control of STEM as it exists solely on your Mac.
  • You don’t have to login somewhere to notify of it’s status. STEM knows!
  • You decide when to provide evidence to authorities for recovery.
  • Supports SMTP protocol and TLS/STARTTLS
  • Location Determination Technologies
  • IP Geo-location
  • Computer Name, Serial number, Private & Public IP, Ethernet & WiFi MAC Address, Current Default DNS, WiFi information, Geographical Latitude and Longitude
  • Simulated phased tactics designed to annoy and ruse people into getting Mac online.
  • Automatically detects when to lock down based on annoy tactic intervals.
  • Remotely lock down lost Mac
  • Remotely change STEM runtime interval of lost Mac

Geo-Location Notes

  • With the right operating system, STEM can use the built-in OS X Core Location services for Location Determination. These are adopted from Skyhook Wireless whose technology is capable to pinpoint locations down to 10 meters.
  • IP Geo-location on the other hand, is much less accurate. Country name determination is the most accurate at 95- 99% because country names are required information when an IP range is allocated. However determining the City or geographical coordinates are 50-80% at best as service providers may base these addresses in their own cities of choice thus the locations could be many miles off. Nevertheless once data is supplied to the authorities they'll be able to assist in narrowing down things.